Terms & Conditions

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This agreement is by and between MOTText and their clients regarding the use of www.mottext.co.uk.

MOTText is owned and operated by Fuel Tank Media Limited and is a registered company in the United Kingdom (Registration Number: 08773121). Registered address: 2 Chesterfield Buildings, Westbourne Place, Bristol, United Kingdom, BS8 1RU.


The System - This is MOTText.co.uk including the website to record the customer details, sending of reminders and purchasing of credits.
Client - The customer of MOTText who are using the system.
Customer - This is who will receive the reminders from the System.

MotText.co.uk allows the client to create/alter and delete customer records that relate to the renewal of the customers MOT and Services on their vehicle(s).

Fees and Credits

There is no setup or monthly fees to be paid by the client for the use of MotText.co.uk.

MotText.co.uk works on a credit based system. Each and every reminder that is sent via one of ours channels (Text, Email, Postal and Telephone) will deduct a certain number of credits. For credits required please see our pricing page for specific costs.

Once credits have been purchased these credits will never expire, credits will never be refunded. If however a single credit hasn’t been sent from the customers account for a period of 12 months the credit balance will be reset to zero with no refund.

The client will pay for any credits before they are applied to the clients account. In the situation where complimentary credits are applied the client is not required to pay any fees to MOTText.

The only difference in cost between Self and the Fully Managed service is that for every customer that we enter for you under the Fully Managed service we subtract one credit from your account on entry. Whereas the Self managed approach does not incur this cost.

Customer Details

The customer details are the property of the client and it is the clients responsibility to make sure that this information is always up to date and they are a valid opt-in information.

Customers are allowed to request the information that is recorded against them, they can either ask the client to print out the customer details screen to show the information or they can send a request to MOTText's registered address.

The customer has the right to unsubscribe their details from the system meaning that they will not be contacted via MOTText.co.uk until they ask to reverse this.

It is the client’s responsibility to get permission from the customer before their details are entered into the system to receive reminders.

MOTText and the Customer

MOTText will never contact the customer unless permission has been granted from the Client.

The System

MOTText will keep the client up to date with any changes to the system that may arise, giving at least 48 hours notice before any non critical upgrades to the system. Critical updates will be dealt with at the time and although we will try our best we may not be able to contact the Client regarding the issue or delay the upgrade for up to 48 hours. Any non critical upgrades will always happen outside of normal office hours 9am - 5.30pm for minimum disruption.

MOTText will do its utmost to keep MotText.co.uk accessible at all times, however from time to time there maybe situations where it is out of the control of MOTText.

Termination of Contract

The customer can terminate this contract by writing to MOTText's registered address detailing why they would like to terminate the contract. Once this has been received we will terminate the customers account and no more reminders will be sent to their customers. As detailed above unused credits will not be refunded.


The client is free to advertise the reminder service to their customers through any means that they like as long as it is within the law for the United Kingdom.

The client will not try to Distribute/Reproduce/Replicate any of the information displayed on the system as the intellectual rights are owned by MOTText.

By registering with MOTText you are in agreement with these terms for the duration that you use MotText.co.uk.