Why MOTText?

We can prove that our system will help you.

There are many reasons why MOTText will be a huge benefit to your business but below are a few pointers to help you make the decision.

It's fully automated.

The process of reminding your customers is sometimes a very tedious job and the last thing you do. However, it is one of the main things that you need to do to retain your customers. MOTText removes this hassle by introducing a fully automated reminder service for your garage by texting, emailing, calling and posting letters to them.

We will save you time and money.

We guarantee to reduce your costs if you currently manually produce your reminders. No more buying expensive cartridges and no more picking up the phone. Simply enter your customer details into our system and we will do the rest.

It's the most direct advert.

Every message that is sent to your mobile you read, it is a fact. Meaning that once they receive their reminder they have an instant call to action as an MOT is not something that can be missed.

Since using MOTText we have received over 75% of phone calls for the reminders that we have sent and each of our customers have said what a great service we offer.

Carlton Sutherland, Karman Autocare

Your customers are getting something for FREE.

How many things can you give to your customer for free? Maybe you can give them a keyring or tax disc holder but how about something that will save them a £1000 fine and also more than likely to call you to book their MOT & Service.

We are evolving.

MOTText is constantly evolving to move with the times and provide you the most direct way to remind your customers, which in the short term will drive more customers through your garage doors.

No computer knowledge required.

We can offer a solution where you do not need to even enter a single customer mobile number into MOTText and still remind all your customers with our fully managed service, click here to find out more about this service.