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Discover how MOTText can help manage and remind your customers.

MOTText in the cloud

MOTText is your fully automated MOT, Service Reminder & Booking service that is managed in the Cloud.

Our system helps you remove the sometimes tedious but very important process of sending your MOT and Service reminders to each and every customer for your garage.

All reminders are sent automatically so it is just a case of adding your customer and vehicle details and we will take care of the rest.

By building up your database of customers and vehicles within MOTText you are essentially driving more repeat customers with very minimal effort.

Mobile Phone and Postal Reminder

All Reminders are sent automatically by Text, Email, Phone and Letter

When using MOTText we help you remove the requirement for you to manually process reminders and increases your productivity and reduces costs.

Also not every customer is the same so we allow them to choose how they would like to be reminded. Some of your customers may want a Text Message, some may want an Email, some may want a Phone Call, some may want a Letter and some may want a combination of all these.

To manage this yourself would be very time consuming but with MOTText this is all very straight forward and can be controlled by the selection of a few checkboxes.

Everything is the cloud, no software to install

You can manage your MOTText account anywhere you have access to the internet. There is no software to install and it is all managed via your favourite browser.

You simply click on the Log In button at the top of the page, enter your unique username and password and then you have access to all your records.

No installs, no expensive upgrade bills, we take care of all these issues.

MOTText in the cloud

Start accepting bookings online today

With our integrated booking engine you can start accepting MOT and service bookings via your website and via any reminder that we send out.

With every booking that is made we will automatically send you a notification. As ever this is an automated approach so we will help you manage these bookings.

You can manage the number of technicians or bays, time slots, pricing and services available online.

Powerful reminders

Your system, your way

We understand that every garage will have different requirements for their reminders, so whether you are looking to send reminders with a certain message or statement this is fully customisable within MOTText.

With every reminder that we process we can include your logo and branding, allowing your customers to receive a professionally created reminder.

Online Reminder Service

Full Diary

Keeping an eye on your customers

We allow you to view your very own reminder and booking diary giving you a great insight into the MOT's, Annual Services and Bookings that are due in your garage for any given day.

By viewing the diary you can also quickly see which customers are due but have yet to make a booking with you, allowing you to follow them up.

Quick Reports

As you dont really want to spend your time looking through your customer records we allow you to use our quick reports to instantly see month on month how many MOT's are due, what reminders that have recently been sent and what is coming up.

Quick Reports Available

Works with any existing System

If you already have a system in place at your garage then you are half way there. MOTText is a great tool to work alongside any existing program, we can also import your contacts for free.

It is just a case of exporting your existing database and sending it over to us to process your data.

Import your data into MOTText

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